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To fika is to have coffee and a cinnamon bun - it's a vital part of Swedish culture. This tune is from the album Gleowien, which is no longer available, but we did play this on an episode of Holby City, so we released it as a single.

Jonny taught this tune at the Upton-upon-Severn Folk Festival at the weekend, but he taught it in G - so we're including a version of the tune in G on the flute (filmed in the Tudor Museum itself, straight after the workshops)
Vicki (& Jonny)

In C as on the album:
In G as in the workshop:

About Fikavalsen In Swedish 'fika' is to have a cup of strong coffee with a cinnamon (or any kind of) bun. As often as possible. It is a Swedish institution to stop for fika. Swedes drink really strong coffee. This waltz was written to be calming when you've had too much caffeine. Back in September 2016 Jonny and I were called in to provide the Swedish music for an episode of BBC Holby City. We ended up using Fikavalsen for the first dance at the wedding. We got home and re-recorded it  and released it onto all good digital download stores. Right now the episode is available on the BBC iPlayer, watch out for us. We're playing the music in four scenes and were extras in a couple of others. The episode will be up on BBC iPlayer during January, so it's not too late to watch us! We're also the sound track to the behind the scenes video. You get to see a bit more of what we experienced that day. We're very happy to say that the nyckelharpa is now well and truly introduced to the mainstream BBC1 TV audience.

 How to buy Fikavalsen - The Single 

As featured on BBC Holby City Available from all good digital download stores.

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