Saturday, 4 May 2019

One for His Nob

Having finished all the tunes from Twelve Months & A Day we've been wondering how best to do the rest of the tunes! We may well do the rest by album but at the Upton Folk Festival today I did a workshop on dance tunes and I taught a tune called One for His Nob - it's a cribbage reference and it is on one of our albums, so I'm putting this tune up so that anyone who came to the workshop can see the music and the dots. It's a contra tune, so play it with lots of back beat. It was originally written as a flute tune and is on the album SlipTease - which isn't for sale any more. The video on this page has been taken from my Nyckelharpa #tunefriday blog.
Vicki (& Jonny)

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