Tunes by Album

This is a list of all the albums we've recorded that we have tunes that we've written. We haven't decided if we're going to add the tunes randomly or by album, or a mix of the two yet. So just watch it build up!

Marvelous Meg (32 bar reel)
Rocking Roquefort (32 bar reel)
Darkside (32 bar reel)
Anastasia (48 bar jig)
Lightening the Load (32 bar reel)
St Albans (32 bar reel)
Contrarello (16 bar march)
Controtto (32 bar jig)
Contrapasso (32 bar reel)
Caucasia Contra (32 bar reel)
Jiggle the Old Bones – (48 bar reel)
Waltz for Shari (64 bar waltz)
The Kindness of Thwaite (64 bar waltz)
Sleep Deprivation (32 bar reel)
Double Shot Coffee  (16 bar jig)
Diversion Ahead(16 bar jig)
Don’t Drive Tired (16 bar jig)

Långsammapolskan - Jonny Dyer
Andy Clarke's -  Jonny Dyer
Trip to Harbertonford - Jonny Dyer
Ride, Norman Ride - Jonny Dyer
Elsy's Waltz - Vicki Swan
Dancing Shoes - Jonny Dyer
Calle's Brudmarsch - efter Calle Svankvist
Marsch efter Calle Svankvist - efter Calle Svankvist
Midsommarn - efter Calle Svankvist
Fiddling About - Vicki Swan
Elegy - Jonny Dyer
Polska - efter Calle Svankvist
That Mallet Moment - Jonny Dyer
Pinky and the Cradle - Jonny Dyer
Elegy (double bass version) Jonny Dyer (youtube video)

The Halsway Parade - Vicki Swan
The Quantox Reel - Vicki Swan
Hunt the Hog
Jonny's Canon
The Chicken Run
Bröllopsgåvan - Vicki Swan
Piggelunkschottisen - Vicki Swan
Mr & Mrs Green's Whimsey
Sophie's Brudmarsch
Erithway Green

Riddaren - Vicki Swan
Borealis - Jonny Dyer
Rum in the Pudding - Jonny Dyer
Minuet - Jonny Dyer
Hedingham Green - Jonny Dyer

Red House - 2013
Shuiler Tune
Skomakaren - Vicki Swan
Gruvan - Vicki Swan
Flickorna Tomasson
Doodle Oak Cloggers
Spinning Jenny
Start the Weekend

Viggo’s Vaggvisa
Valnöts Långdans
The Broken Spike
Button Oak
The Polecat
The Cedar Fence
The Three-Legged Rant
The Singi Sunset
Nancy’s Fancy
Emily’s Waltz
Dancing Out

Gleowien - 2009
The Revelstoke Wedding
Sticky Ticket
Turn the Wheel
Time Out
Bare Bones
Vintage Puget
Pine Dance
Clattering About
Rosey Jones
Whist with a Twist
The Little Pard
Skön Åsa
Iste Viste
Fikavalsen - Vicki Swan

SlipTease - 2007
Race for Home
Logan Rock
Apples and Chairs
Andy Jackson's
Two for a Pair
The Winter Wedding
Poppy’s Present
One for His Nob - Vicki Swan
Two for His Heels

ScatterPipes - 2005
The Willows - Jonny Dyer
The Three Ashes - Jonny Dyer
Carrock Fell - Jonny Dyer
Jumping the Beck - Jonny Dyer
Hemligheten - Jonny Dyer
Cartmel Fell - Jonny Dyer
Tigers Eye - Jonny Dyer
Chasing the Butterfly - Jonny Dyer
Scatter Pipes - Jonny Dyer
The Blue Tack Man - Jonny Dyer
Caught on Camera - Jonny Dyer
Jock's Magic Box - Jonny Dyer
The Broken Drone - Jonny Dyer
Answers on a Postcard

Thumb Twiddling - 2002
The Bodmin Stomp - Jonny Dyer
Lament for the Lone Piper - Vicki Swan
Jester's Waltz - Jonny Dyer
Farewell to the Astra - Jonny Dyer
The Good Old Way - Jonny Dyer
One for Hame - Jonny Dyer
Pushbike - Jonny Dyer
Round the World - Vicki Swan
The Homecoming - Vicki Swan
Metamorphosis - Jonny Dyer
To Catch A Cat - Vicki Swan
Mind the Gap - Jonny Dyer
Aussie Piper - Jonny Dyer

Tig! - 2002
Euan's Tig - Jonny Dyer
The Stable Door Part 1 - Jonny Dyer
The Stable Door Part 2 - Jonny Dyer
Odd Socks - Jonny Dyer
Going Commando - Vicki Swan
The Checkered Kilt - Vicki Swan
Echalot  - Jonny Dyer
B Minor - Jonny Dyer
Bowland Bridge - Jonny Dyer
The Butterdish - Jonny Dyer
Pinetree - Jonny Dyer
Batten Down the Hatches 1 - Jonny Dyer
Batten Down the Hatches 2 - Jonny Dyer
Batten Down the Hatches 3 - Jonny Dyer
The Hunting Groove - Jonny Dyer

On the Mash - 2000
In the Kitchen
On the Mash
Scotty's Last Munro
Friday Afternoon
Hennessey's Gathering
Ormistons' Part 1
Ormiston's Part 2

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